Spark SQL MySQL Example with JDBC


In this tutorial, we will cover using Spark SQL with a mySQL database. Overview Let’s show examples of using Spark SQL mySQL.  We’re going to use mySQL with Spark in this tutorial, but you can apply the concepts presented here to any relational database which has a JDBC driver. By the way, If you are […]

Spark SQL JSON Examples


This tutorial covers using Spark SQL with a JSON file input data source in Scala.  If you are interested in using Python instead, check out Spark SQL JSON in Python tutorial page. Spark SQL JSON Overview We will show examples of JSON as input source to Spark SQL’s SQLContext.  This Spark SQL tutorial with JSON […]

Spark SQL CSV Examples in Scala

Spark SQL CSV Example

In this Spark SQL tutorial, we will use Spark SQL with a CSV input data source.  We will continue to use the baby names CSV source file as used in the previous What is Spark tutorial.  This tutorial presumes the reader is familiar with using SQL with relational databases and would like to know how […]