I write here and make videos, courses, books, etc. to become a better, more reliable, more trustworthy data engineer.  If along the way, I help folks and also put a little money in pocket, then that’s even better.   

Ways I can possibly help

If I can help you outside of any of these tutorials, examples, courses, or books found on this site, let me know in the form below. 

Some ideas include conducting courses onsite/remote or short-term consulting/contracting for architecture reviews or an outsider’s perspective on ways to evolve from batch to streaming architectures.   


Anything I do or say in written posts or videos on this site supergloo.com or associated sites where I post/commit like YouTube or Github is as a representative of supergloo.  Nothing here or there represents any of my current or former employers, customers, people I’ve had a beer with, fished with or sat next to on a boat, train or plane in any shape or form.  How’s that?  Do I sound like a person who has studied law?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.  But, hopefully, you get the idea.


In addition to the form below, I’m most available on LinkedIn, sometimes on YouTube and rarely on Twitter.  

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