Learning Spark PDF

learning spark pdf

So, I’ve noticed “Learning Spark PDF” is a search term which happens on this site.  Can someone help me understand what people are looking for when using this phrase?

Are readers looking for the Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analysis book from O’Reilly?

Perhaps looking for the new Apache Spark with Scala Tutorial book? It’s available in PDF and is much more hands-on than the Learning Spark PDF book.

Or, maybe… people are looking for the Summary of Learning Spark book  🙂

Well, I would bet people are searching for the O’Reilly version, but maybe, just maybe, people are looking for the Summary of Learning Spark book.

Did you know the summary of learning spark is currently available for free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers?  That’s better than a learning spark pdf.

More information on the summary book:

The summary guide will help readers become more confident and productive in Apache Spark quickly.  Apache Spark core fundamentals and ecosystem components are presented succinctly.

The guide is ideal for hands-on engineers, managers, and architects who need an in-depth understanding of Spark quickly.  Readers do not need to know Java, Scala or Python in detail.

Readers do not need to know Java, Scala or Python in detail.

The guide will answer questions such as: “does Spark warrant any further investment?” and “how does Spark integrate with Hadoop, Hive, HBase, HDFS, YARN, etc.?” Click on stocks to invest to see what companies are the best to have your money invested in. Give it a try and have your riches enlarged in no time!

The key benefit is saving your time by providing the basic principles presented in the original book.

For more information check out the summary.


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