Kafka Connect Operator X-Course

Thank you for considering the Kafka Connect Operator “X-Course”.

What is an X-Course and Why?

X-courses are designed for the busy, motivated professional and compacted into under 2 hours of expert level instruction. These are not 4, 6, 12 hour courses which cover a variety subjects you already know. Examples– you don’t need to know what “Big Data” is or why or how it evolved.

Rather, you need specific, concise, real-world, practical coverage of specific subjects. Like running Kafka Connect.

This Kafka Connect Operator course covers the essentials of Kafka Connect including:

  • Running in Distributed vs. Standalone mode
  • How to run in Distributed mode
  • Monitoring – how to setup and what to monitor
  • Deploying and configuring Sink and Source connectors – 3 examples
  • Open Source vs. Proprietary Connectors
  • Open source Administrative Interfaces

The course focuses on running Kafka Connect from within Apache Kafka and not from other proprietary distributions. The format of the Kafka Connect course includes:

  • Essential configuration and concepts
  • Key component diagrams
  • Quizes
  • Sample assignments to enforce configuration and architectural components
  • Source code examples

All of this packed into under 2 hours of content!

As you progress through the course, you may have questions and we have you covered.

Included with your purchase is a 15 day trial of our Kafka Connect Slack channel

So, if you have questions, you can ask them directly in the private Slack channel and receive the support you need.

We know your time is valuable and often you need to learn new technologies quickly.  This course is designed for you.

Could you find all this information for free on Internet? Yes, you might be able to. 

But how much time would that take you?  Do you have time to track it all down? 

You’ve probably seen examples of our free Kafka Connect tutorials on this site.  If not, take a look. Try our free tutorials.

In this course, all the Kafka Connect essentials are conveniently covered.  No searching around. 

One guaranteed source.  That’s right, if you are not satisfied we the instruction and support received, just let us know and you will receive a full-refund.  We will ask why in order to improve in the future, but your refund will not be denied.

Give us a chance and get up and running with Kafka Connect today.



Money Back Guaranteed
Money Back Guaranteed