Spark Tutorials with Scala Book

Apache Spark with Scala tutorials presented from a wide variety of perspectives. A book designed to cover the wide landscape of Apache Spark.

The approach is hands-on with access to source code downloads and screencasts of running examples. Get ready to learn by examples!

Who is a tutorial cookbook for?
This book is suitable for beginners with no Spark or Scala experience, but some background in programming and/or databases. It’s a beginner book, but not for people brand new to development or data engineering. This book is designed for people to augment their existing skills to advance their career and/or make better data-intensive products.

Spark Tutorials with Scala Book
Spark Tutorials with Scala Book

What You’ll Learn
By the end of this book, you will have real-world, practical understanding of how to use Spark with Scala. You will also learn the following:

  • How to use Spark from Scala
  • Comparison of Spark and Hadoop
  • Core Spark constructs: Resilient Distributed Datasets, Transformations, and Actions
  • Running Two Types of Spark Clusters
  • Deploying Scala applications to Spark Clusters
  • Spark SQL with Scala including CSV, JSON, and relational databases
  • Custom, Scala based Spark Streaming application
  • Writing and running automated tests for Spark applications
  • Build a custom Spark Machine Learning application
  • Spark with Amazon S3
  • Using Cassandra from Spark


By the end of this book, you’ll be confident and productive using Spark with Scala in a variety of circumstances.

Also, links to video screencasts of the author running examples and explaining tutorials are available from within the book.

The book is based on pre-Spark 2.0, but the concepts still apply. For a list of differences see