Data Science from Scratch Summary

Python?  Data Science?  Machine Learning?

Curious about data science with python but don’t have time for a 500-page book or time-consuming course? This time-saving summary book is for you.

Data Science from Scratch Summary
Data Science from Scratch Summary

“Summary: Data Science from Scratch” is the curated summary of the best-selling book by Joel Grus from O’Reilly Media.

This summary guide is ideal for software engineers or managers who need a concise overview of data science with python principles quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • A compact summary of the “Data Science from Scratch” in a fast, convenient format.
  • Essential elements extracted by a developer and manager with 20 years of experience in software development and data analysis.
  • Saves your time from re-reading the 500+ page book to re-absorb, remember and categorize concepts. Everything has been organized for you.